Common Laboratory Analytes

Common Laboratory Analytes

Medical Tox Lab utilizes the most sophisticated, sensitive and specific equipment and technology available to confirm and quantitate drugs of abuse in urine. Our methodologies provide highly accurate results providing unsurpassed customer service at the same time.

Our Test Method


LC/MS/MS TOF Technology

Medical Tox Labs uses the most current and sensitive technology available with the most up to date method for all of your testing needs. LC/MS/MS TOF technology is used for urine drug confirmation testing because it:

  • Lowers detection limits
  • Betters sensitivity and selectivity
  • Lessens analysis time
  • Speeds up turn-around time
  • Offers Robust quantitative and qualitative analysis

Performing these tests in your local area allows for quicker turnaround of results and quicker access to laboratory clinicians for interpretation of your patients’ results.

At Medical Tox Labs we have included in our method a wide range of different analytes to assist our customers in pain management clinics and other customers. This can assist in therapeutic drug monitoring and monitoring for drugs of abuse.

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