Limitations of Other Testing Methods

Limitations of Other Testing Methods


Our Test Method

Other Methods


  • Limited specificity
  • Variability of UV spectra
  • Many compounds have little to no UV absorbance


  • Increase sensitivity and specificity (Compared to LC-UV)
  • Cannot detect non-volatile, polar, and thermally labile compounds
  • Requires lengthy sample preparation (hydrolysis/derivatization)
  • High reproducibility of generated mass spectra

Long-Standing Issues With GCMS

Until recently, GCMS was the “Gold Standard” for urine drug confirmation testing, however, there have been several long-standing issues with GCMS recently overcome with the advancement of LCMSMS technology applied to this field. These issues have been solved:

  • Sample prep is extensive and expensive
  • Does not cover many compounds – especially new drugs
  • Detection limits are not sufficient for many new more potent drugs
  • Cannot separate similar drugs easily
  • Cannot detect low concentration drugs in the presence of much higher concentrations
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